Honesty, integrity, friendly and fair are just a few words that our customers have used to describe Creedmoor Heating & Cooling LLC. This means so much to us and we consider it an honor and privilege to be described in this manner. We are very aware that our success comes from our many satisfied customers that have passed the word around. We are grateful to our customers for trusting us to serve them. We will be just as appreciative to serve you with any and all of your HVACR needs.

Commercial HVAC

If you are in need of a specific residential and light commercial HVACR service not listed on this page, please Contact Us to find out if we can provide that service.


  • Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair
  • Furnace Installation & Replacement
  • Furnace Maintenance & Repair
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation, Replacement & Repair
  • Tank & Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation & Service
  • Geothermal Design, Install & Service
  • Boiler & Combination Boiler Install & Service
  • Chiller Install & Service
  • Cooler, Freezer & Freezer Box Equipment Install & Service
  • Misc HVACR Services

So What is a Ductless Mini Split Anyway!

You are not alone if you are asking this question. We are asked this question on almost a daily basis.

Mini-Splits have been very popular in Europe and Asia for decades. Here in America they have been becoming more and more popular over the years. They do however get a bad rap for their heating ability in the winters. We see them everywhere in shops, garages and sunrooms, but with some models able to heat down to -14 degrees Fahrenheit we are seeing more people using them for whole house heating and cooling. With efficiency ratings from 17-26.1 seer we are able to see significant savings in our utility bills. Some of the perks of these systems besides higher efficiency are no duct work to have replaced or cleaned, lower installation costs and the ability to cool or heat rooms to different temperatures for your personal comfort. Mini-Splits may not be for everyone, but as technology advances they are definitely something to keep your eyes on.

Not sure if a Mini-Split is right for you? Give Creedmoor Heating & Cooling a call today to discuss your specific needs.

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